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regarding the GPL Violation

Marcel Hass Vandalizes Posts to Change Meaning

In an embarassing display of unprofessionalism and dishonesty, Marcel Hass of Boxee has publicly revealed his lack integrity on the Boxee forum.

In an effort to encourage hacking the Boxee Box, as the company promoted as something they hoped for, a bounty was started on the forum.  Originally separate to this campaign, a thread discussing its value was merged in.  This distraction took away from the purpose of the thread (and might have even been a distraction technique employed by Boxee).  In an effort to keep the thread clear and easy to understand, I posted this:

Earlier post showing my text as it was

After the above message, I had immediately posted a bunch of thank-yous that seemed to bury the message.  Then, for clarity, it was copied and pasted later in the thread.

After Vandalization

Notice the fact that it was edited by Marcel.  I edited it a minute or two after I posted it, because I realized I had unfairly exchanged the 20 Euro for 35USD.  I thought it was unfair to sign nickx up for more than he offered, so I corrected it.  I commented on what I edited as a matter of good stewardship of what was going on in the post.  But Marcel has edited the second last sentence to read "Please do not debate the value of this..."  He ADDED "do not" and completely changed the meaning of my statement.

This is a complete abuse of moderator power.  If I ran Boxee, this would be good reason to fire Mr. Hass.  Not only is it embarassing to the company generally, but if Mr. Hass is willing to be this dishonest in public, one can only wonder how shady he is when he thinks or is sure to be in private.  I wouldn't trust him.  This reflects on Boxee specifically in this case; it reflects how they respond to criticism.